The price on the windows include installation (Inside frame and outside trim). We also offer custom windows-any size and style. *2 week order notice required & deposit. Round and Octagonal windows require 1 week order notice.

Standard Windows

Colors: White  
Aluminum 24″x24″ Horizontal slide open $200.00
Aluminum 24”x36” Vertical slide open $220.00
Aluminum 36”x36” Vertical slide open $280.00

Octagonal Windows

Aluminum 14”     –     $110.00
Aluminum 18”     –     $120.00
Colors: White/Brown

Round Windows

Colors: White/Brown
Aluminum 10” $80.00

Mega Storage Sheds workmanship warranty does NOT cover any type of windows after installation has taken place. Mega Storage Sheds will NOT be held accountable nor responsible for any types of damages