Roof Vents

12″ Turbine

Turbine vents are the one which are dome shaped and are so designed to catch the wind and spin the vent to pull hot air out of the roof. These vents are an excellent solution for homes or sheds that dont quite have adequate roofing as they help accelerate the ventilation process. The turbine aids in pulling out the moist attic air exhausting it from the attic. In this case wind provides free power to turn the turbine and vent the roof. Colors: Brown
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Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are one of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing ways to ventilate your home. Ridge ventilation completely and continuously bathes an attic with fresh air. Installed along the length of the ridge line and under ridge cap shingles, a ridge vent system properly ventilates the entire roof.
Ridge vents require no electricity to run, only the natural flow of air. Ridge vents are highly effective in prolonging roof life.
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Vented Skylight

Ventilates hot air and fumes
Lets in free natural light
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20” x 19” x 5” ½   –    Call for current pricing